Jennifer Aniston Explores New Heights of Kinkiness in her Boldest Movie Yet!

The well-known celebrity, Jennifer Aniston, is stepping up her game and shedding some clothes for her new film part. Recent pictures from the film Horrible Bosses show her wearing only a doctor’s coat with no shirt on underneath, revealing her panties and silky stockings. The coat is left open, almost exposing her chest, as she shows off her fit and bronzed physique in this daring uniform.

The female performer dons skimpy clothing in a bid to allure her worker Dale Arbus. Playing the part of a dentist’s assistant, actor Charlie Day endures sexual harassment from his superior Jennifer. Upon entering Jennifer’s workspace, she rises from her seat to reveal what lies beneath her outerwear. This marks a deviation from Jennifer’s typical good-girl image, as she shares that she can understand her kinky persona who, at one point, sensually licks an ice pop, erotically eats a banana and hotdog. Speaking to FOX411’s Pop Tarts column, Jennifer admits that everyone possesses a bit of raunchiness within them, whether they admit it or not, and that everyone experiences frustration. The actress relished her experience portraying Julia on set.

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